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We are excited to feature student researcher excellence at the 2021 DPC Virtual Research Symposium! From March 29 to April 2, students across the consortium will share their work through the virtual gallery, poster presentations (closed), and live oral sessions. NIH officials will moderate oral sessions throughout the week for 19 young scientists who represent all 10 BUILD programs! A special thank you to our NIH moderators for hosting the oral presenters, and to our BUILD faculty mentors who will review poster presentations.
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We welcome you to join any of the oral sessions listed below—please click "ask a question" for an invitation. Visit our BUILD Student Researcher Gallery to reach students' abstracts. Download our Symposium Program for welcome letters, a full listing of presenters, and more about the DPC.


Mon 29 March
1 - 3pm PT
Oral Session A
3 - 5pm PT
Poster Gallery Opens
Tue 30 March
9 - 11am PT
Oral Session B
Wed 31 March
1 - 2pm PT
Poster Block 1
2 - 3pm PT
Poster Block 2
Thu 01 April
10 - 11am PT
Poster Block 3
1 - 3pm PT
Oral Session C
Fri 02 April
9 - 11am PT
Oral Session D
1 - 2pm PT
Poster Block 4

Session Details

Mon 29 March

Oral Session A
1 - 3pm PT

Christabelle Agyapong
Health Sciences: COVID-19 and Its Impact on Maryland

Luis Armenta
Physical Science: Quantifying Chlorine Radical Kinetics in Advanced Oxidation Processes

Teresa Beamon
Health Sciences: Role of Cytochrome C in Apoptosis During Breast Cancer Treatment

Alexandra Misciagna
Bio/Life Sciences: Identification of Iron Transporters in the Gram-Negative Bacterium Cellvibrio japonicus Using Bioinformatic and Transcriptomic Analysis

Moderator & Opening Remarks: Dr. Alison Gammie, Director of the Division of Training, Workforce Development, and Diversity at NIGMS, NIH, and DPC Program Lead

Poster Gallery Opens
3 - 5pm PT

Alessandra Serrano
Poster #101: Identification and Characterization of the Forkhead Box R1 Gene Promoter Region

Aparna Mangadu
Poster #102: Constructing a Plant Species Checklist for Castner Range, Texas and Identifying Important Species Through Species Distribution Models

Daphne Mueller
Poster #103: Tracking Diverse Microbial Populations in the Arctic Tundra

Hope Frihauf
Poster #106: Effectiveness of Diarylmethane Compounds in Treating Visceral Leishmaniasis in Human Macrophage Cells

Julia Ditto
Poster #107: Visualizing Science: Visually Telling the Story of Rapid Climate Change in the Arctic

Luisa Dominguez Aldama
Poster #108: Serological Survey for Tick-Borne and Flea-Borne Pathogens on Human Blood Samples

Ma'Lik Woodland
Poster #109: Design and Synthesis of Biomedical Applicators

Micah Starghill
Poster #110: Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells and LRP-1 Signaling

Risa Holmes
Poster #111: Inhibition of Ascosphaera apis, a Pathogenic Fungus, using Derivatives of Caffeic Acid Esters

Roberto Salas
Poster #112: Insecticide Resistance Assessment among Aedes aegypti Populations in the Northern Chihuahuan Desert

Samantha Sakells
Poster #113: Mictrotubule Targeting Agents as Antimitotic Cancer Treatment

Kayla Strong
Poster #201: Investigating the Structure-Property Relationships of Phosphonium-Based Solid Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Ion Batteries

Priscilla Macias
Poster #306: Vitamin C Deficiency Among Hemodialysis Patients

Caroline Plaza
Poster #308: California State University, Northridge Response to COVID-19 Regarding Student Health, Well-being, and Basic Needs: A Case Study

Diana Moreno
Poster #309: The Association of Whole Blood Calcium Levels with Child Blood Lead Levels

Nicholas Malone
Poster #310: Perceptions of Injectable Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis among Sexual Minority Males

Stephanie Paris
Poster #311: Longitudinal Surveillance of Health Outcomes in Response to a Stable Housing Intervention for Low-Income Residents

Czarinna Mae Posadas
Poster #312: Assessing antibiotic usage among UTI patients

Chinyere Obioha
Poster #401: Design & Synthesis of Small Molecules as Inhibitors of Cytochrome P450 2A6 for Tobacco Use Cessation

Jere Williams
Poster #402: Poly(propylene carbonate) Interpenetrating Cross-Linked Poly(ethylene glycol) based Polymer Electrolyte for Solid-State Lithium Batteries in Medical Devices

Karyn Wilson
Poster #403: Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of New Ceramide Analogs

Ly Tran
Poster #404: Temperature-Dependent Studies of Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids Using C-D Vibrational Labels

Destinee Young
Poster #501: The Effect of Saffron on Lipopolysaccharide-induced Cognitive Deficits?

Marie Page
Poster #503: Urban Mental Health Care Deserts: When Proximity, Prejudice, and Perceptions Become Barriers to Pediatric Care

Sanaz Zareei Chaleshtori
Poster #505: Why Didn't People Use their West Fund Abortion Vouchers?

Andrea Mata
Poster #506: Stratified Health Care Access and Implications for Maternal and Infant Health among First-and Second-Generation Immigrant Women in the US-Mexico Border Region

Tue 30 March

Oral Session B
9 - 11am PT

Brittney Brito
Bio/Life Sciences: The Role of VMAT in the Development and Expression of Amphetamine-Induced Behavioral Sensitization

Deja Caton
Bio/Life Sciences: Genomic Copy-Number Loss Is Rescued by Self-Limiting Production of DNA Circles

Ariel Egbunine
Bio/Life Sciences: The Genetic Characterization Of The Cytotoxic Phage Gene Waterfoul 47

Taylor Perry-Crawford
Social Sciences: Spilling the T: Understanding the Sexual Experiences of Black Transwomen

Julie Salazar
Bio/Life Sciences: Co-Teaching vs. Single Teaching: Comparing Active Learning Practices within a Course

Moderator: Dr. David Banks, Program Director for the Office of Extramural Programs at the National Institute of Nursing Research, NIH

Wed 31 March

Poster Block 1
1 - 2pm PT

Royce Hooks
Poster #307: Toxicity Evaluation of a Novel Ceramide Analog for the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Degrick Cheatham
Poster #302: Toxicity Evaluation of a Novel Ceramide Analog for the Treatment of Breast Cancer

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Eric Krukonis, University of Detroit, Mercy, ReBUILDetroit; Dr. Mara Livezey, University of Detroit, Mercy, ReBUILDetroit

Poster Block 2
2 - 3pm PT

Layschel Kemp
Poster #502: The Role of Significance in College Student Experiences and Achievement

Michael Martins
Poster #304: One Health Insights from A Youth Dog Mushing Program in Rural Alaska Reflected through Photovoice, Digital Storytelling, and Focus Groups

Laura Ekada
Poster #305: One Health Insights from A Youth Dog Mushing Program in Rural Alaska Reflected through Photovoice, Digital Storytelling, and Focus Groups

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Mercedes Rubio, Program Director, Clinical & Translational Science Awards Program grants at NCATS, NIH; Dr. Sydella Blatch, Program Director at NIGMS, NIH; Dr. Ophra Leyser-Whalen, The University of Texas at El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS

Thu 01 April

Poster Block 3
10 - 11am PT

Samira Mohammed
Poster #504: How Mental Health Affects the African American Community?

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gabriela Chavira, California State University, Northridge, BUILD PODER

Oral Session C
1 - 3pm PT

Amber Abram
Bio/Life Sciences: Veillonella Species Associated with Root Caries Enhance Streptococcus mutans Biofilm Formation and Modulate Acid Production

Sophie Genigeorgis
Health Sciences: Descriptive Epidemiological Analysis of the Relationship between the Four Main State Public Health Policies and the Mortality Rates from COVID-19 of Latinx, Black, Asian, and White Communities across all 50 States

Ryan Jones
Reducing Metabolic Syndrome and Unmet Needs during COVID-19: A Pilot Feasibility Study

Nashae Prout
Health Sciences: A Cross-Sectional Study of Mental Health in Black College Students During Periods of Social Unrest

Mohadeseh Solgi
Health Sciences: An Intervention to Increase Detection of Developmental Delays in WIC Programs

Moderator: Dr. Rada Dagher, Scientific Program Director at the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, NIH

Fri 02 April

Oral Session D
9 - 11am PT

Daniza Diane Acenas
Health Sciences: The Impact of COVID-19 on the Homeless Population

Craig Chythlook
Social Sciences: Water Service's Impact on Subsistence

Matthew Isada
Bio/Life Sciences: Genetic Characterization of Viral Signals in Alaskan Mud Volcano Communities

Keenan Manpearl
Bio/Life Sciences: Large Scale Metagenomic Analysis of the Fungi in Arctic Permafrost

Katherine Ramirez
Bio/Life Sciences: In Vitro Interactions between the Probiotic Bacteria Akkermansia muciniphila and the Human Intestinal Cell Line Caco-2.

Moderator: Dr. Laurie Stepanek, Program Director for Undergraduate and Predoctoral Cross-Disciplinary Training at the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, NIH

Poster Block 4
1 - 2pm PT

Liliana Diaz
Poster #303: Climate Change Will Increase the Vector Capacity of the Aedes aegypti in South America: A Systematic Map

Tadeo Aviles Zuniga
Poster #114: Characterization of the Ubiquitin Specific Peptidase 47 Promoter Region

Henry Nguyen
Poster #105: Reliability of Stroke Imaging: A Comprehensive Review

Denise Cayton
Poster #104: Oxidative Stress and LRP-1 Signaling in Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells

David Phan
Poster #301: Novel Interventions in Children’s Healthcare: Outcomes of Minority Youth with Type 1 Diabetes

Faculty Mentors: Dr. Dawn Morales, Program Chief, Office of Rural Mental Health Research at NIMH, NIH; Dr. Maryam Foroozesh, Xavier University of Louisiana, Project Pathways; Dr. Ben Ziemer, San Francisco State University, SF BUILD; Dr. Farron McIntee, Wayne State University, ReBUILDetroit; Dr. Sangeeta Tiwari, The University of Texas at El Paso, BUILDing SCHOLARS

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